ELEAGUE are hosting their own Tekken 7 invitational on March 3rd

By on February 21, 2018 at 11:00 am
ELEAGUE Tekken 7

First Street Fighter V, then Injustice 2 and now Tekken 7 — it seems that ELEAGUE is determined to keep its hand in the FGC with its own invitational events. Hosted at Turner Studios in Atlanta, Georgia on March 3rd, Tekken Team Takedown will see some of the world’s best Tekken 7 players battling it out in a special televised tournament. ELEAGUE have yet to announce the players or the format for this invitational but it looks to be a one-day event, rather than a larger series as was the case with Street Fighter V and Injustice 2.

If you want to attend, tickets are available for free over on the ELEAGUE website. Tickets are limited, with the first 200 applicants being guaranteed entry. Based on the name “Tekken Team Takedown”, the event could have a draft format, with select team captains picking players from the pool of invited participants to face off in a larger bracket. Expect more details on the invited players, tournament format and stream details in the near future.

Source: ELEAGUE via TekkenGamer

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