Dragon Ball FighterZ roundup: Gohan 4-way mix-ups, assist rankings, and more!

By on February 20, 2018 at 12:00 pm
Android 16 DBFZ

It’s another day in West City, and that means we’ve received more Dragon Ball FighterZ video submissions! We have some interesting exploration with auto-combos as reset tools, and various mechanic breakdowns to round out today’s post. Let’s jump in!

Starting us off, BlaQNYC Vids shows off the 4-way mix-up potential of Kid Gohan’s auto-combo.

HapkidoRed sent in two massive Cell combos (and one Goku Black, because, you know. Everyone has a Goku Black.)

Speaking of Cell, rooflemonger gives us a breakdown of his many perfect moves…

… and he’s provided a thoughtful breakdown on the strengths and weaknesses of each assist.

He’s also broken down the mix-up situation that occurs after 16 lands his light command grab: helpful to know for those playing as — and fighting against — the robo-grappler.

Y. Xiao shows off some on-point Piccolo combos, including Hell Zone loops and a few 100% combos.

If that wasn’t enough Namekian for you, Adriano Lopes has his own takes on Hell Zone usage.

Get your squad ready, because everyone on the team is involved in ArcBueno‘s Ginyu combo video.

As always, if you see anything worth sharing, let us know by submitting a tip for our next roundup. Thanks everyone!

Sources: rooflemongerBlaQNYC VidsHapkidoRedY. XiaoAdriano LopesArcBueno

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