Blanka (or at least his Story costume) is welcomed to Street Fighter V via the #BlankaChan meme

By on February 20, 2018 at 1:00 pm
BlankaChan 750x400

Before Blanka was in Street Fighter V, he was in #BlankaChan.

Blanka — for better or worse — arrives in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition today, once the server maintenance is completed. The spark-blasting furball has already gotten a big social media boost in advance of his in-game arrival, thanks to his goofy/adorable/terrifying plushie Story mode costume! Twitter users immediately started putting plush Blanka into all sorts of settings, their hilarious results grouped under the #BlankaChan hashtag (before, and after @StreetFighter actually provided the .png to play with). We’re sharing some of our favorites below; while you wait for that patch to download, have a good chuckle at what fans have been doing with Blanka’s crazy costume (and a bit of Photoshop).

Have fun with Blanka tonight, everyone!

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