SRK & Frabisaur present 5-MINUTE FOCUS: How to get more out of training mode!

By on February 19, 2018 at 10:00 am
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Shoryuken is pleased to present our new video series: 5-Minute Focus!

Frabisaur here — you may already know me from my YouTube series The Fighter’s Dojo. In each episode of this new series on SRK, I’m providing a detailed 5-minute look at specific aspects of fighting games, to help you level up your game in some capacity.

In this first episode, I cover tools and exercises you can use to polish your skills in three areas: anti-airs, hit confirms, and punishes. In each exercise I’ll walk you through how to set up the training dummy to replicate in-game or reaction-based scenarios so that you can train more effectively, rather than just rinse-and-repeat scenarios. The main reason people aren’t getting their times’ worth in the training room is because the scenarios they’re practicing are known or predictable, preventing you from developing in-game reactions to oncoming scenarios. Utilizing these training mode options and exercises you will make your time in the lab more effective!

Subscribe to ShoryukenTube for more videos from Frabisaur in our 5-Minute Focus series! For more Street Fighter V tech, have a look at Rising Up from Bafael. And make sure to check out Frabisaur’s original fighting game instructional series — providing helpful advice for beginners, to advanced players — The Fighter’s Dojo!