Vroom vroom! VesperArcade delves into why Abigail is so strong in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on February 18, 2018 at 1:00 pm
sfv abigail max power

First it was Balrog, then it was Laura and now it’s Abigail. Ever since Street Fighter V‘s second season, there has been a character that has quickly become public enemy number one among the competitive scene. With his Arcade Edition buffs increasing his already high damage and expanding his combo potential, the Canadian motor-head is causing no end of strife both in-game and on social media.

Seeing as Abigail complaints have become so ubiquitous, VesperArcade has decided to delve into the changes he received in Arcade Edition to explain why he is as powerful as he is. It mainly comes down to his plethora of tools, which allow him to deal with almost any situation. Whereas other grappler/big body characters struggle with range or projectiles, Abigail’s huge attack range, armored attacks and oki potential means that once he gets in, the opponent is already dead.

Source: VesperArcade

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