theScore esports compares the trash talk of the FGC with League of Legends pros

By on February 17, 2018 at 5:00 pm

As the fighting game community steps further and further into the realm of esports, there’s a real fear that its grittier arcade-raised ways will get scrubbed away.  Trash talk is at the very center of the FGC’s soul– it brings hype (and player interest), but also potentially drives away the very suits that want in on the FGC’s growing numbers.

Many on SRK’s forums and comment sections have voiced the opinion that the FGC is too “esports” these days. This is meant to imply that we’ve become too safe, too weak-willed, and too advertiser friendly. Whether this is right or wrong is beside the point, though:

Because even if it’s true, we still have other communities checking out the FGC specifically for the larger then life personalities of our scene.  theScore esports recently asked if our trash talk matched up with selected trash talk of certain League of Legends pros. While many might think the selection of clips representing the FGC is far from the best it has to offer, it doesn’t really seem to matter in this ‘contest’: the muted, passionless insults in the LOL clips are far from being in the same league of even the most out-of-context clips of Pokchop.

Of course, maybe that’s why this video is scary. The LOL clips are what we fear our trash talk might turn into if we keep our current trajectory.

Source: theScore esports

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