Platinum the Trinity, Orie, and Kanji are coming to BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle; Japanese pricing details revealed

By on February 15, 2018 at 9:00 am

The time has come for the next BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle character introduction! The sixth iteration — per tradition — reveals three more characters. Each colliding world in the game receives one warrior (except for RWBY).

Check out the trailer below to see BlazBlue‘s Platinum the Trinity in action, who brings a variety of items to the fight (though the typical Platinum gauge for items seems to be missing.) Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]‘s Orie joins the battle with her quick and precise fighting style. Lastly, plenty of Persona 4 Arena fans will be thrilled to see that Kanji Tatsumi, a grappler with a Persona who uses lightning attacks, joins the fray.

Keep scrolling to see some pricing details revealed during the Arc System Works stream.


The pricing chart above lists the “All-in-one” DLC, which contains all characters, at 2,400 yen. Yang and Blake are free DLC (which will always stay free, it’s not time-locked), and then each character pack is 600 yen, with three characters each. Note that this character pack, containing Orie, Kani, and Platinum, will be free for those who pre-order.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle‘s inevitable collision takes place on May 31st in Japan and June 5th in the United States. The game is also an Evo 2018 main stage title.

Source: Arc System Works

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