Content creators beware: MTV India is blocking Tekken 7 content from YouTube [UPDATED]

By on February 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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Many content creators who have any sort of reach into Tekken 7 woke up to an unpleasant surprise Wednesday morning. They found that their recent uploads of the title had been removed from YouTube, based off of content claims from MTV India. One of the first public announcements was from Toronto Top Tiers’ NeoRussell, whose Monday Stun City weekly — which features Tekken, alongside Dragon Ball FighterZ and other games — was pulled in its entirety based off of the copyright claim.

NeoRussell wasn’t alone, as Twitter began exploding with mentions of Tekken 7 alongside MTV India, with reports of blocked content.

As discovered, it appears as though the television network — which, obviously, is the MTV affiliate in India — recently hosted a tournament for the game, and as a way to protect their own content put a copyright claim that has a broad overreach into any content created from the game.

It is unclear what will happen — but given the overreach of this claim, it’s obvious that at some point Bandai Namco will get involved. We will update this as we receive further word.

UPDATE: Reportedly, NeoRussell has already had some success contesting the block, and is urging other content creators to do so as well. Additionally:

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