Worlds collide: It’s Leffen vs. SonicFox in these Dragon Ball FighterZ online matches

By on February 13, 2018 at 5:00 pm
DBFZ Vegeta

After their minor misunderstanding over Leffen’s comments on his stream, Echo Fox’s SonicFox and TSM’s Leffen finally met in ranked for some high-level Dragon Ball FighterZ sets!

SonicFox, having a long-established pedigree in the FGC for NRS games, Skullgirls, and (as of late) MvC:I, has already jumped out in front as one of the most dominating players in DBFZ. The surprise (to most) is how strong Leffen is at the game. While Super Smash Bros. and traditional fighters may seem like different universes, make no mistake that the years of technical practice are translating for Leffen. This, coupled with the fact that Leffen has also been playing many traditional fighters along with his Smash practice over the years, and his success in this game is really no surprise at all. Check out the sets below!

Source: William Hjelte