Infiltration answers questions from his fans on Street Fighter V, Evo Japan, and more in this YouTube video

By on February 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm
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Infiltration has gone from a 2017 that saw him struggle, to being instantly catapulted back to the upper echelons of players early in 2018 with his win at Evo Japan 2018. But with the changes he has experienced, he has remained the same humble and witty guy that always drew fans to him from the start.

He recently put out the call to Twitter for his fans to ask him questions, that he would later answer in a YouTube video interview — and has just recently uploaded his answers to those questions. In the interview, he talks about his feelings about Evo Japan and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. He also explained his change in characters against John Takeuchi during the finals of Evo Japan, citing that he felt more confident with Juri than Menat, despite both having disadvantageous match-ups against Rashid. He also expounds why he said he wasn’t “back” after winning Evo Japan, and declared his wish to do well this year — including winning Evo 2018 and Capcom Cup.

Source: 인생은 잠입 INFILTRATION

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