Dragon Ball FighterZ roundup: Touch-of-deaths, Senzu healing glitch, and more!

By on February 13, 2018 at 12:00 pm
DBFZ Krillin Intro

Air-dash style fighters are always attractive for their free-form combo possibilities. It’s probably no surprise that the logical conclusion of such open-ended combo systems are touch-of-death combos, and our submissions are starting to reflect that.

Let’s jump into the SRK tipline and see what the community is up to!

KOF combo maker COMBONAUTS tries his hand at another DBFZ Combo Exhibition:

Here comes a wave of touch-of-death combos. @NYoption shows off this one for Krillin…

SupahFro64 has one for the most Perfect Cell…

and Kosless shows off this one for Android 18.

@NYoption also wanted to show off Krillin’s meter build, which is pretty incredible with the right assists + the corner.

MrSlaynman has some frustrating which-way and overhead resets with Nappa’s Saibamen.

sikshot gaming talks about how to use, and beat, Adult Gohan’s block string options.

Clayton chapman continues to push Captain Ginyu’s combo game to absurd levels.

Peter Souvannarath shows off how easy it is to get several Goku Black supers into one combo.

and closing us out, TDG Oso demonstrates the appropriately-named “Senzu bug.”

As always, if you see anything worth sharing, let us know by submitting a tip for our next roundup. Thanks everyone!

Sources: @NYoptionKoslessMrSlaynmanCOMBONAUTSsikshot gamingClayton chapmanSupahFro64Peter SouvannarathTDG Oso

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