Chris Tatarian is calling all Ken mains to #StopPlayingKen in Street Fighter V

By on February 13, 2018 at 3:00 pm

In a recent multi-post Twitter series, longtime Ken main Chris Tatarian has called the Ken community to take new action on behalf of Ken’s gameplay issues in Street Fighter V. After having tweeted at and emailed Capcom multiple times over the past year about various Ken inconsistencies, Chris is saying enough is enough.

This call is stemming from a larger range of frustrations the Ken community at large has been sharing, on Twitter primarily. Most complaints involve serious inconsistencies with Ken’s combos (BnB’s dropping on counter hit, juggles not connecting seemingly at random, moves not linking that normally do, etc.) and the lack of resolve on Capcom’s part to make Ken a “fully-functioning” character. At this point — after having his DM’s filled with Ken mains across the world begging Chris to speak out definitively — Chris is calling for an outright protest of the character. Using the hashtags #StopPlayingKen and #FixKensInconsistencies, players are starting to join the fray.

You can view the following videos on Twitter.

Source: Chris Tatarian (Twitter)