Hacker imports Story Mode “Hidden Stage” into online battle versus Tekken 7 Korean player CherryBerryMango

By on February 12, 2018 at 9:00 am

CherryBerryMango, a popular Korean Tekken 7 streamer (and a tournament force worth reckoning, as evidence by his defeat of Chanel at the Tekken World Tour 2017) encountered a surprise when playing on the PC version of Tekken 7 versus a use appropriately named “HiddenStage.”

The stage, originally the story mode only setting for Alisa and Nina’s battle, is so narrow for a Tekken stage that it might be too claustrophobic for most tournament players. On the bright side, the stage has some nice, dramatic lightning from the back-lit industrial fan in the center. It’s impossible to say whether the stage was intended for competitive play and scrapped due to its size, or if it’s part of a future DLC pack.

The most interesting (and possibly troubling) thing about the hack is that it works for both parties. This hacker, after all, showed us the stage on CBM’s stream, whom as far as we know has not hacked the game.

Sources: 체리베리망고 CherryBerryMango; Tekkengamer.com

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