Dragon Ball FighterZ round up: tag concepts, beam clashes, resets, and combos that do over 9000 damage

By on February 12, 2018 at 10:00 am

Three weeks since launch and we’re still getting a lot of new video content for Dragon Ball FighterZ. This latest round up features a ton of combo videos as well as some guides and breakdowns.

We start with none other than Final Showdown, who has become one of the biggest contributors in terms of video content to the Dragon Ball FighterZ community. His first video focuses on some concepts that players can apply to the game’s tag system.

Next he breaks down the game’s implementation of the series’s trademark beam struggles.

Next up, he shares a couple of new combo videos. The first being for Cell, followed by one for Kid Buu.

Of course, Final Showdown isn’t the only player making content for the game. AnaboliChris shared a video showing an Adult Gohan combo developed by noted French player Alioune.

Meanwhile, AlukardNY has shared a video demonstrating some advanced combos for Frieza.

Wakbott on the other hand explores Majin Buu and the resets that he can pull off.

For those struggling to do combos for our lord Yamcha, here’s a basic combo guide from DextrousLee.

Finally, we have a couple of full on touch of death combos. The first video from TheSchmogi shows a couple that the team of Trunks, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, and Tien can pull off.

Meanwhile, SuspiciousLock demonstrates a touch of death combo that Android 16 can do on his own, given 5 bars of meter (without having to use Sparking Blast).

Sources: Final Showdown; AnaboliChris; AlukardNY; Wackbott; DextrousLee; TheSchmogi; SuspiciousLock

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