Blanka, the Warrior of the Amazon, joins the Street Fighter V cast on February 20th

By on February 12, 2018 at 8:36 am
Blanka SFV

Happy Birthday Blanka! Just as the Brazilian beastman turns 52, Capcom have announced that he will be joining the Street Fighter V cast on February 20th. Retaining his primal and electrifying fighting style, Blanka comes to Arcade Edition with a brand new command grab and a special crouching stance.

His new command grab is called Wild Hunt, causing Blanka to leap forward and scratch at his opponent with his claws. His V-Skill is Coward Crouch, which has Blanka ducking down before returning to his neutral position. Blanka can low-profile fireballs while in Coward Crouch and he can act out of the stance by hitting either a Punch or Kick button. Wild Lift happens when you hit Punch, and it has Blanka swinging his arms up to launch his opponent. You can then follow up with either a normal, a special or even Blanka’s Critical Art. If you hit Kick, Blanka does his Raid Jump, causing him to leap high into the air.

His V-Trigger I is Jungle Dynamo, which increases the power of his rolling attacks and gives you access to additional follow-ups. His Electric Thunder also gets an attack boost and an animation change, having Blanka step forward before he discharges electricity. He also gains access to Ground Shave Rolling, which can be performed by hitting HK+HP and is a great combo extender.

Blanka’s V-Trigger II is Lightning Beast and gives Blanka access to a new special called Rolling Cannon. By pressing HK+HP and a direction, Blanka can roll in any direction he wants. You can combo into Rolling Cannon from any of his rolling attacks, turning Blanka into a deadly electrified pinball.

If you have the Season 3 character pass, you’ll get access to his Story, Battle and Nostalgia costumes. The Battle costumes will look very familiar — it’s the toy Sakura has hanging off her belt in her Story costume!

Source: Capcom-Unity

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