The OST CD for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition contains both Blanka and Falke’s theme

By on February 11, 2018 at 9:00 am
SFV Season 3 characters

With the upcoming release of the OST for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, online sites have been uploading samples of the songs available on the soundtrack. Hidden within the various track listings are two interesting songs — the character themes for upcoming characters Blanka and Falke.

Falke’s theme is a great chill-out track, in the same vein of Tekken 7‘s Infinite Azure. Blanka on the other hand has gone full metal-head for Street Fighter V, no doubt in relation to his more animalistic design. The track previews are only short, but you can get a flavor of Falke and Blanka through these samples.

For those who want to grab the SFV:AE OST, you can pre-order it through Amazon Japan, with its release date set for February 14th.

Source: Emezie

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