Slash opponents to bits with this Aegislash shield break setup in Pokkén Tournament DX

By on February 8, 2018 at 5:00 pm

When Aegislash was released onto the world of Pokkén Tournament DX, one of the first Pokkén players out of the gate with sick, sword slinging combos was Mewtater.

It’s probably not a surprise that he’s also bringing us some early, disgusting tech for the Sword-mon, either. It seemed pretty clear from the onset that Aegislash was going to be an okizeme-heavy, setplay-style monster — and stuff like the shield break setup above only further confirms that.

While the setup is character size-dependent, it is worth noting that it still puts characters too small to get guard-broken very close to such a state, with a move that leaves Aegislash at frame advantage. Very nice!

Source: Mewtater

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