Infiltration has parted ways with Team GRAPHT

By on February 8, 2018 at 10:00 am

Lee Seon-woo, more commonly known as Infiltration, may be the hottest Street Fighter V player on the planet right now after his recent Evo Japan win. Now, it seems that he’s also become the game’s hottest free agent.

In a recent tweet, Infiltration has confirmed that he has left Team GRAPHT.

Infiltration joined Team GRAPHT late last year after a string of incredible performances, including winning at Manila Cup 2018 and placing top 8 in both the OzHadou Nationals and Celtic Throwdown. These, alongside his signing with Team GRAPHT, was seen by many as the start of his resurgence after his lackluster performances earlier in the year.

While Infiltration has now left the team, he still retains his sponsorship from Monster Energy. Meanwhile, Team GRAPHT still has a pretty impressive lineup of fighting game players including Joe “MOV” Egami, Leah “Gllty” Hayes, Keita “Fuudo” Ai, Tatsuya Haitani, and Atsushi “Yukadon” Fujimura.

We here at Shoryuken wish the best for both Infiltration and Team GRAPHT in all their future endeavours.

Source: Infiltration

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