Expect a new arena layout and increased focus on community games at Evo 2018

By on February 8, 2018 at 11:00 am
Evo Championship Series

Some clues to the ongoing “evolution” of Evo in 2018.

Now that the eight main games have been revealed, we can look forward to learning more details of how Evo 2018 is going to take shape. Event director Joey “Mr. Wizard” Cuellar has offered a few more tidbits via social media, starting with some planned changes to the layout for the Sunday finals at the Mandalay Bay Events Center:

Additionally, it looks like the focus on the games that aren’t on the main stage will be leveled-up for 2018, with plans to provide a dedicated side stage (with a reminder that Evo itself will not be running the side events):

Evo 2018 World Finals will take place at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV, on August 3rd-5th. Registration is expected to open in about a week!

Source: Joey Cuellar (Twitter)

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