Become the king of the jungle with Izaw’s “Art of Donkey Kong” guide for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

By on February 8, 2018 at 1:00 pm
Art of DK Smash 4

He’s covered the self-styled King of Dreamland, the Koopa King and Hyrule’s King of Evil — now it’s time for Izaw to cover Smash 4’s King of the Jungle. As part of his “Art of” guide series, Izaw has turned his attention to Mario’s long-time rival and banana fanatic, Donkey Kong. Famous for his “Ding Dong” kill confirm, one of the best back-airs in the game and an abysmal disadvantage state, DK has carved out a niche in the Smash 4 meta as the game’s resident grappler.

While he seems basic at first — grab enemy, throw enemy, rinse and repeat — DK has plenty of tricks to pile on the pain. From his tipper jab to grab, pratfall setups with his nair and footstool combos using either grounded or aerial cargo throw, this simian can guarantee some gnarly damage whenever he gets his mitts on you. The main issue with DK is that he sucks at getting back down to the ground or back on stage safely. He has the worst ledge options in the game and his large hitbox means it is nigh-on impossible to land without taking heavy damage.

Even with his glaring flaws, DK can be a super fun character to play and one that has the potential to do well in tournament, as seen through players like Konga, Tweek and Larry Lurr.

Source: IzawSmash

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