Learn T.Hawk’s famous tick throw option select in Super Street Fighter II Turbo

By on February 7, 2018 at 8:00 pm

Late in the lifespan of Super Street Fighter II Turbo, an option select for T. Hawk was found that improved his viability in the title. It is a very strong tactic that virtually locks players in the corner, if they end up there against the Mexican giant.

Using this option select, you buffer a 360 motion off of a crouching light punch while holding all three punches. Upon reaching down back, you roll back to down forward, then release the punches. This gives you a negative-edged Tomahawk on top of a 360 throw. This works because Hawk’s command grab has no whiff animation, and gives you the throw if the opponent stays stationary¬†— but if they attempt to jump away from the throw, they are then hit out of the air with a DP.

Source: Pau Oliva

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