Light up opponents with Lil Majin’s Burning Knuckle traps for Tekken 7’s King

By on February 6, 2018 at 6:00 pm

When hunting for new, high-damage combos in Tekken 7, you should keep in mind that juggles are not the only combo-able state your opponent can be put in. Knowledge like this is That’s what led to Lil’ Majin‘s discovery that King’s OTG hitting Burning Knuckle is technically guaranteed with the correct setup.

It’s practical too — even if the opponent willingly stays on the ground to take less damage from the Burning Knuckle, the ensuing combo does more damage then any of King’s typical juggle options in these situations. On top of that, the unblockable cannot be escaped, and it can’t be countered by characters with reversal moves.

Source: lilmajin

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