Android 18’s fight intro can cause a major desync glitch online in Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on February 5, 2018 at 8:30 am

Ever since Dragon Ball FighterZ was released to the world, it’s had a couple of teething problems when it comes to its online play. From Ring Matches not working correctly, lobbies being too full, and matchmaking taking an age, Arc System Works and Bandai Namco have a fair few issues to tackle before DBFZ is running smoothly.

One bug that needs to be tackled is a glitch that occurs when fighting Android 18 online. If you let her fight intro play, there is a chance you will desync from your opponent — as seen in the tweet below.

Unlike other fighting games where players see the same fight intro when playing online, Dragon Ball FighterZ can have people seeing different intros. If this happens, players can become desynced if the intro dialogue you see is drastically longer than your opponent’s. As seen in the clip above, the desync is so drastic that players end up playing two separate matches, with their opponent unable to attack. Seeing as your opponent has not disconnected from the match, both players are credited with a win, despite each one getting opposing results on the victory screen.

I’ve personally encountered this glitch against an Android 18 player — just assuming that they had ragequit half way through and was just letting the match play out. It was only upon talking to the opponent that they had experienced the exact same thing on their console, also thinking I had also given up halfway through the game.

In order to avoid this glitch at present, the best course of action seems to either skip through the match intros, or not have Android 18 as your starting fighter.

Source: Soraalam1

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