Dr. Hyde and Radegonda duke it out in this new Omen of Sorrow Evo Japan build footage

By on February 2, 2018 at 6:00 pm

As we previously coveredOmen of Sorrow was at Evo Japan with a brand new build. The build in question featured a bunch of new characters who weren’t available in previous public builds. Now, for those who weren’t at the event, AOne games has dropped a new gameplay video showing a couple of those characters in action.

The video below features a match between Dr. Hyde and Radegonda. Dr. Hyde, as discussed in our previous coverage, is a hybrid between a zoner and a grappler. He uses chemical vials (with various effects) to keep his opponents away, while punishing any attempts to get in with a command grab. Radegonda, on the other hand, uses her wings to take to the air and attack with various dives and rushes. We’ve already covered how punishing Dr. Hyde’s zoning can be in the right hands; Radegonda’s mobility seems like she’d be the perfect counter for this.

Source: AOne Games

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