Pokkén Tournament DX DLC roundup: Aegislash combos, Rotom buffs, Mimikyu guard breaks, and more!

By on February 1, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Pokkén Tournament DX‘s first wave of DLC was just released, and with it came a major balance patch. The focus of the community is certainly on the new character Aegislash, but as you’ll see in today’s video roundup, there’s plenty of new tech for the existing cast to mess with, too.

First order of business: Aegislash comes equipped with “Just Frames” that almost certainly reference Namco’s sword-slinging Greeks, SoulCalibur’s Sophitia and Cassandra.

And while that helps his damage output to an extent, the real juice comes when Aegislash gives himself buffs from stance-switching. These buffs increases not only his damage output, but give him access to new strings.

Stance switching is the very core of this character. It also serves as a means of which to activate traps, such as this Mist trap.

It’s easy to see how Mist setups can potentially steal entire rounds off just a single knockdown.

Aegislash’s low stance may prove to be troublesome for characters with a lack of true mids.

Not everything in Pokkén Tournament DX 1.2 involves a sword-ghost, though. Let’s not forget other characters received some charity this patch. Players are understandably worried about Weavile’s belligerent new Field Phase j.X cancel…

…but every character can benefit from the surprising new powerhouse that is Rotom, which now restands and activates quicker.

Let’s not forget that there’s also brand new supports to play with. Check out this guard break setup for Gardevoir/Mimikyu:

…and, in closing, Magikarp is better now. I doubt this is meta-changing, but it’s there. Go crazy.

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