NorCal’s StrongStyle 6 trailer boasts world-class talent, website hints at side events for retro Tekken titles

By on February 1, 2018 at 2:30 pm

Unlike many other majors, StrongStyle is not a yearly running event. That’s because StrongStyle holds its allegiance to one series only, and that’s Tekken. With the arrival (and success) of Tekken 7, StrongStyle is geared up for its 6th iteration, and there’s some big names coming along:

In addition to the star-studded cast of JDCR, Saint, Jeondding, Jimmy J Tran, Jackiller and more, there’s another announcement buried in the blog of StrongStyle’s website. The tournament organizers are looking to run some side events for previous Tekken entries, and they’ve been floating ideas from Tekken 5: Dark Ressurrection to Tekken 3’s “Tekken Ball” mode. While no official announcement has been made yet on what the “Mystery Tekken” game will be, judging by the registration page there will be at least one non-Tekken 7 game on the floor.

Players wanting to clash with the best in the world can head on over to Eventbrite to register. The event is scheduled for February 10th-11th.

Source: Team Spooky

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