More Dragon Ball FighterZ datamining reveals details on additional modes and DLC characters

By on February 1, 2018 at 9:00 am

Earlier this week, we reported on a set of additional (datamined) Lobby Avatars for Dragon Ball FighterZ that strongly implicate the potential identities of the eight upcoming DLC characters that will be included in the FighterZ Pass, as well as some evidence of new game modes: Z-Union, Z-League and Raid Battle. SergioM3 has since released a series of additional videos, revealing some more details on these upcoming modes — that will likely inhabit the currently-empty areas of the Kame House and West City in the game’s lobby menu.

Having recently come across the explanation text that will appear when entering these modes, we can see that there will be individual Z-Unions for every single character in the game, which we can join in order to gain special character-related items which will increase in rarity and value over time. Joining a Union will also allow players to battle in the Z-League, a monthly competition between the various character Unions, which seems similar to Mortal Kombat XL’s Faction Battles, with the Z-League standings being viewable on the normal Ranking board currently in the game. However: you will be removed from your Z-Union if you don’t compete in at least one Ranked Match per month.

In regards to Raid Battles, the text found reads, “Enemy incoming! A Raid Battle will be kicking off soon. Expect to cross paths with only the fiercest of foes. Train up and prepare, you’re going to need it. Fierce foe spotted at the southeast lobby island! Get in on this Raid Battle, active now! Join forces with other players and take this titan down!” (This leads me to believe it could be similar to the Raid Battles against powerful CPU opponents found in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.)

Fellow dataminer Mizumi appears to have found character models for the heavily-rumored “base” Goku and Vegeta, both based on their Saiyan Saga appearances, as well as an announcer callout for the selection of Cooler, another name speculated to be in the FighterZ Pass.

Finally, DasVergeben — who has leaked details on several different fighting games in the past — recently chimed in about this on reddit, saying, “I heard back from my main 2 sources and wanted to know if this is legit and some just aren’t avatars only, and they back up that the season 1 characters are obviously the 4 characters they leaked to be previously that I shared with you (Broly, Bardock, Base form Goku, and Base form Vegeta) and that Vegito, Fused Zamasu, Cooler, and 17 are the others. Zamasu is a bonus avatar that comes along with Merged Zamasu. Super Saiyan Broly comes as a lobby avatar with Broly, same with Bardock and Vegito with their two different forms. So there you have it.

The outlier source I mentioned before who knew about Raditz and Zarbon (that I was openly shaky on) said that “Raditz and Zarbon are season 2 characters. So you can take that with a grain of salt. Though I guess it would make sense why the other 2 didn’t know or hear about them if so. But whatever.”

You can see all of the videos below, but be sure to keep a little skepticism in mind until we get some kind of official confirmation!

What do you think of all of this information? Are you looking forward to these modes, and possible DLC characters, or do you wish it was a completely different set entirely? Let us know in the comments.

Sources: SergioM3; Mizumi; reddit

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