Dragon Ball FighterZ sets record for the most concurrent players for a PC fighting game

By on January 28, 2018 at 12:00 pm
DBFZ Yamcha Ultimate

“Vegeta! What do the Steam stats say about its power level?”

“It’s over 40,000!”

Dragon Ball FighterZ came out of the gate swinging on its first weekend, setting a record that likely won’t be beaten anytime soon.

According to steamcharts.com, DBFZ hit a peak of 44,234 concurrent players on the platform, the highest of any fighting game on Steam ever. The previous owner of that title was Tekken 7, at a peak of 18,766 players in comparison. The combination of Arc System Works polish and ’90s nostalgia is clearly a money maker, and it’s hard to imagine what fighting game could come along to dethrone DBFZ’s new record.

Should DBFZ be able to keep even half of those players going forward, it has the potential to really expand the playerbase of the entire FGC.

Source: steamcharts.com

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