Dragon Ball FighterZ datamining finds avatars for Vegito, Cooler, Ranger 17, Bardock, Broly and Fused Zamasu

By on January 27, 2018 at 9:00 am
DBFZ Vegito

It’s only day two of Dragon Ball FighterZ, yet we already have some information on potential new avatars and DLC characters. Found by YouTuber and Dragon Ball Xenoverse dataminer SergioM3, early datamining of Dragon Ball FighterZ has uncovered entries for lobby avatars which currently are not present in the game. Along with these lobby avatars, SergioM3 also found references to extra game modes called “Z Union”, “Z League” and “Raid Battle”.

The lobby avatars that Sergio found are:

  • Broly (Super Saiyan)
  • Broly
  • Goku
  • Vegeta
  • Bardock
  • Bardock (Super Saiyan)
  • Vegito
  • Vegito (SSGSS)
  • Cooler
  • Android 17 (Ranger)
  • Zamasu
  • Fused Zamasu

Now before you go jumping the gun, this does not mean that these characters are guaranteed to be playable. After all, characters like Mr. Satan, Majin Vegeta and First Form Freeza are lobby avatars, yet they are nowhere to be seen on the character select screen. However, rumors surrounding Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s character pass have hinted at several of these characters — mainly base form Goku and Vegeta, Bardock, Broly and Vegito. When you also consider that all the character-specific assists (the Ginyu Force, Saibamen, Chiaotzu and Android 17) got lobby avatars while Zamasu didn’t, it bolsters previous rumors that he was to be his own character later down the line.

SergioM3 even cross-references his finding with a previous “datamine”, debunking rumors that characters like Jiren, Toppo, Kefla, Janemba and Kid Goku were going to come in the Dragon Ball FighterZ character pass. This certainly doesn’t rule them out for the future, so fingers crossed for more Dragon Ball Super characters later in the year.

As for the extra game modes, there are two spots in the Dragon Ball FighterZ lobby that are currently empty — Kame House and West City. It stands to reason that these modes may be what is planned to go in these two areas, once they are released.

You can check out SergioM3’s findings in the video below but as with any datamining news, always take things with a  grain of salt.

Source: SergioM3

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