Open your Third Eye with Maximilian’s Tien breakdown for Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on January 25, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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With the days continuing to tick away until the launch of Dragon Ball FighterZ, Maximilian continues his series of character breakdowns for the entire base roster, this time choosing to focus on the former top pupil of the Crane School, Tien Shinhan.

Tien’s Volleyball Fist is a multi-hitting attack that can be controlled with multiple button presses, similar to a Rekka chain, beginning with an armored state that can transition into a forward lunge before hitting foes low, and then launching them with the final hit for continued aerial combos. The heavy/EX version of the first hit serves as a command grab that goes into the full Volleyball Fist attack, but is difficult to combo after without using Vanish or Assists. EXing the second or third hits of the move will cause Tien to go into the air faster and stop quickly, providing him with some unique air combo opportunities. The Aerial Volleyball Fist is simply the final hit of the chain, but will always be a soft knockdown unless EXed to become hard.

The Crane Strike is a grounded overhead attack that can also be used in the air, but is difficult to combo into due to its massive startup. Tien’s Ki attacks appear pretty slow, though the Dodon Ray does serve as his assist, giving him some unique utility. His final special, Telekinesis, involves summoning Chiaotzu — in a manner similar to Android 17, Zamasu, and the Ginyu Force — to paralyze Tien’s opposition from full-screen if they’re grounded.

Perhaps the most unique aspect to Tien are his super special moves. The signature Tri-Beam is a level 1 that covers the ground area upwards, but the level 3 Neo Tri-Beam is where Tien really shines, as it can be enhanced with up to four more Ki Gauges to deal massive damage to a character, at the cost of doing non-recoverable damage to himself.

Finally, his second level 3, Farewell Mr. Tien, recreates the iconic scene from the Saiyan Saga that sees Chiaotzu attempt to self-detonate himself while on Nappa’s back. It’s a fast attack that hits from behind for good damage, but will also cause you to lose access to Chiaotzu’s abilities for the remainder of the match.

You can see the full video below, along with links to his previous coverage of the remaining cast.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Steam this Friday, January 26th in the West, while a Japanese release will follow on the same platforms Thursday, February 1st.

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