X-Kira’s datamining reveals new Extra Battles & potential upcoming costumes for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on January 25, 2018 at 9:00 am

Since the release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition last week, dataminer X-Kira has continued to scour the game’s files and code to find more tidbits about potential upcoming content. His most recent videos have shown him facing off against upcoming opponents for Extra Battle — a new mode added to Arcade Edition that allows players to challenge CPU enemies in timed events that provide special rewards upon their defeat, for the price of a little Fight Money for each and every attempt.

While Shin Akuma literally struck fear into the hearts (and virtual wallets) of many players, it seems some of the upcoming adversaries will be just as treacherous. First off, X-Kira uses Juri to battle a giant-sized Peter Zonta in a scene reminiscent of battles against Tatsunoko vs. Capcom’s pair of giants, or your favorite Kaiju movie; as well as Shadow, the alternate form of Charlie Nash seen in Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter after capture and experimentation by M. Bison. We also see a powered-up version of Phantom Bison (from the Cinematic Story Mode) an Alpha 2 version of Shin Akuma (sporting differently-colored attire), as well as the trio of Golden Shadaloo Soldiers who were recently delayed until this weekend by Capcom, giving us a good idea of their possible attack patterns. Kira also tweets briefly about “Shadow Lady” Chun-Li being able to passively regain health as the match goes on, and that Evil Ryu will have an exclusive V-Trigger when we face him.

He also shows off a match against a fourth, “Low-Rank Shadaloo Soldier C,” in addition to a series of potentially upcoming Premium costume sets. A “Set_0074” features outfits for Sakura and Akuma, “Set_0078” for Ibuki, “Set_0077” for Rainbow Mika, “Set_0057” for Nash, “Set_0076” contains attire for Ken, and finally a full set of Default, Story, Battle and Nostalgic outfits for a “Z27,” likely a placeholder for the second (upcoming) Season 3 character, Brazilian beast-man Blanka. [The Ibuki, Ken, and R. Mika sets are probably these upcoming Crossover Costumes for Extra Battle. – Editor]

Lastly, X-Kira provides us with a look at all of the weekly Missions for 2018, which include the usual fare of cryptic stage-specific tasks and playing various game modes, but now come with added quests involving playing the new Arcade and Extra Battle modes, obtaining specific high scores in Arcade, utilizing a specific number of Critical Arts and special moves (such as Ryu’s Hadoken, Ken’s Shoryuken, and Necalli’s The Disc’s Guidance) with each world warrior, as well as clearing the various Survival Mode courses (which recently lost their exhaustible Fight Money bonuses). He also confirms we’ll be seeing additional monthly CPT Missions, likely tied to a 2018 Capcom Pro Tour pass just as we got last year. You can see all the videos, including a look at the long-missing EX01 colors for M. Bison and Necalli, below.

What are your thoughts on these upcoming Extra Battles? Are there any more special opponents that you’d like to see? Sound off in the comments below.

Sources: X-Kira; Mikami_XKira (Twitter)

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