Monster Hunter Crossover Costumes for Ken, Ibuki, & R. Mika are coming to Extra Battle in Street Fighter V! [UPDATED]

By on January 24, 2018 at 9:42 pm
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Three Street Fighters jump into the hunt next month with these new Crossover Costumes!

[UPDATE: The schedule for obtaining these costumes in Extra Battle has been changed; please refer to the new schedule!]

To surely ride the wave of excitement for Capcom’s upcoming title Monster Hunter: World, the Monster Hunter franchise provides the next batch of Crossover Costumes that players can unlock in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition‘s Extra Battle mode. These new outfits are sets of armor based on iconic monsters from the world of Monster Hunter; luckily for them, these warriors don’t need to do the slaying themselves to craft these armors. The responsibility falls to you instead, to earn the parts by completing the time-sensitive challenges in Extra Battle.

Ken can don an armor set from the fearsome wyvern Rathalos; R. Mika’s armor is made from the canine beast Zinogre; Ibuki gains access to armor from the Elder Dragon, Kirin.

The challenges begin on February 27th, and run throughout March and part of April; note the dates in the tables below to ensure you don’t miss a challenge, as they overlap! Just like with Rashid’s Viewtiful Joe outfit, you need to drop 2,500 Fight Money for each challenge attempt — and you need to complete all four challenges to earn the respective costume. (Note that the dates/times are still subject to change.)

sfv ken rathalos schedule

sfv r. mika zinogre schedule

sfv ken kirin schedule

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