Jack confirmed for ARIKA’s Fighting EX Layer

By on January 23, 2018 at 1:30 pm

With Fighting EX Layer nearly about to make another playable appearance at this weekend’s Evo Japan, with Doctrine Dark available, ARIKA has decided to reveal yet another new challenger to the roster: Jack.

Making his debut in 1996’s Street Fighter EX, the former Las Vegas bouncer and top man in the “Crackers” bodyguard organization, the man known for his unstoppable fists attempted to elude the pursuits of a criminal organization by becoming the bodyguard of the also recently-revealed Blair Dame when she began traveling the world. It was also noted on ARIKA’s Facebook page that the character’s official name is simply “Jack” from now on, seemingly due to copyright issues with a certain caramel-coated sweet popcorn treat commonly sold at baseball games.

While we only get to see him facing off with Blair as they look to begin a match, we can see that he has now been dubbed, “A Guy of Loyalty,” and is sporting a new outfit that greatly resembles a sheriff’s uniform, as they look to battle in a new stage resembling a rocky dessert full of tumbleweeds. We also get a peek at D. Dark and Allen Snider about to go to war in a new construction area arena. You can see the full 31-second trailer and Facebook post below.

Fighting EX Layer will be released for PlayStation 4 sometime in 2018.

Sources: arika; ARIKA EX (Facebook)

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