“Meet My Story” interviews Sweden’s top Street Fighter player, Simon “Popi” Gutierrez

By on January 18, 2018 at 4:00 pm
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Looking for a jolt of gaming inspiration? Cammy pro Simon “Popi” Gutierrez is the subject of a brand new YouTube interview series Meet My Story, and inspiration is the core of his. Half a decade ago, he was a man that could not be stopped in Street Fighter IV. Between 2012-2014 he racked up $15,000 in earnings, and was among the first to defeat the seemingly invincible Infiltration in his break-out underdog moment.

This interview covers that monumental event, and the positive mindset that Popi employed to make it happen. It also covers the aftermath of being thrust into sudden stardom, and the marketing pitfalls therein.

Source: Meet My Story

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