X-Kira’s latest round of Street Fighter V datamining reveals S.I.N. Boss Rush course, new costume Easter eggs

By on January 17, 2018 at 2:00 pm
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With the dawn of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition comes more content from X-Kira. The dataminer has recently released new videos highlighting all of the colors and Easter egg variants for Sakura Kasugano’s default, Story, Battle and Nostalgic costumes — as well as the first three Crossover costumes, which see Karin Kanzuki transforming into Ingrid from Capcom Fighting Evolution/Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, Rashid becoming Viewtiful Joe, and Chun-Li taking on the appearance of June Lin Milliam from Star Gladiator (hinting that this may be next month’s Crossover costume Extra Battle reward). Funnily enough, the Easter eggs of these three costumes let you remove the headgear of the new characters, so you can still see the face of your chosen fighter underneath.

We also have a video of X-Kira utilizing Shadaloo Doll Satsuki to run through the 3rd course of a seemingly-upcoming “Boss Rush” mode, as he goes up against the members of Shadaloo’s weapons division: S.I.N., which was first introduced in Street Fighter IV.

Unlike the Illuminati course, the S.I.N. one appears to be much shorter; having only three stages, where you’ll face off with Juri Han in her Nostalgic costume, as well as two currently-unknown opponents (whom lack models at the moment) at the Shadaloo Base at Night. Perhaps these are placeholders for S.I.N. soldier NPCs, or perhaps even a returning Seth, Crimson Viper, or Abel to serve exclusively as enemies in this challenge? Do note that this video was recorded with the original Street Fighter V, before the latest update. You can see the videos below.

Source: X-Kira

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