Could this be her final form? Android 21 finally takes the stage with horrifying Buu abilities!

By on January 17, 2018 at 8:32 am
majin android 21 scan

The villainous Android 21 is hungry for world domination.

At long last, the antagonist of the highly-anticipated title Dragon Ball FighterZ has been confirmed as a playable character, but not quite how you’d think. Android 21 has reached new heights, and her newfound abilities are sure to make her a fiendish foe in the story, and in battle. The character was announced in the most recent V-Jump magazine.

The new character’s appearance has changed dramatically, going from an auburn-haired scientist to what appears to be a new kind of Majin. There is no doubt that Android 21 has even more surprises in store, but one thing’s for sure: the evil femme fatale’s appetite for destruction has only grown in this new form.

Android 21 Character Reveal 2

One of Android 21’s defining traits is her new absorption technique. With this ability, she is able to take the special moves from her opponents, thus allowing her to use abilities like Kamehameha or Solar Flare for example. She has a special attack called “Tasting Cut” which allows Android 21 to absorb the opposing character’s energy. If this means she will absorb their health or their ki is yet to be confirmed. According to the translation, Android 21’s super technique is titled, “Hungry Time,” which turns your opponent into sweets, similarly to Majin Buu, but there appears to be a cryptic difference.

What’s interesting is that this version of the character was first noticed briefly during a previous trailer. As time passed and the dust settled, the discussion surrounding this mystery character died down. Now that the new form of Android 21 has been confirmed, we are left to wait to discover how she gains this seemingly unstoppable transformation. Dragon Ball FighterZ releases on January 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned for more information regarding the new character and Dragon Ball FighterZ here at SRK!

Android 21 Character Reveal 1


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