Prepare for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with this new launch trailer

By on January 16, 2018 at 1:30 pm
SFV AE Splash Art

It’s been a long wait, but the day is finally upon us: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is now available, ready to usher in a new era for Capcom’s signature fighting game as it enters its third season of content. In a two-minute trailer (F.A.N.G would be proud) we see the character select screens for all six courses of the titular Arcade Mode, Urien, and the Mad Gear Gang’s Two P. furiously try to break barrels together in the new Bonus Stage, and we get a glimpse of some of the 200+ unlockable endings and illustrations, courtesy of UDON Entertainment.

The new Team and Extra Battle Modes are also briefly shown off, as Guile battles Shin Akuma, while Ed faces off with Viewtiful Rashid — the first Extra Battle Crossover Costume — that will be this month’s reward for finishing all four of the Extra Battle challenges.

Finally, the new V-Triggers IIs take the spotlight to close things out. You can see the full trailer for yourself, and get in on the hype below:

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is available now for PlayStation 4 and Steam, as both a free update for existing SFV owners, as well as a retail release that includes download codes for the 2016 and 2017 character passes, providing you with all 12 previously released DLC characters as well as various pre-order costumes.

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