Get better acquainted with Sakura via her Street Fighter V character introduction

By on January 16, 2018 at 1:00 pm
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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition has finally arrived, meaning Sakura the Exuberant Youth is ready to battle. Having graduated from high school and gained a new outlook on life, the Sakura playable in SFV:AE is a little different to her previous incarnations. To help players get up to speed with Ryu’s number one fan, Capcom Fighters have just released Sakura’s character introduction trailer.

Sakura’s V-Skill is a command jump, which can lead into a divekick, command grab or her trademark triple smash juggle. Her V-Trigger I focuses energy into her fists, powering up her fireballs and giving her access to a powerful palm thrust move. Her V-Trigger II beefs up her Shouoken and Shunpukyaku, granting her extra damage and increased combo potential.

If you want a look at all the new V-Triggers before you jump into Arcade Edition, check out the special video showcase right here.

Source: Capcom Fighters

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