Whip your Whip into shape with this beginner breakdown for The King of Fighters XIV

By on January 13, 2018 at 2:00 pm
whip srk

YouTuber Ra3bones continues his The King of Fighters XIV beginner breakdown series with the Ikari Warrior known as Whip. Staying true to her code name, Whip’s trusty weapon of choice gives her attacks superior range advantages that make it easy for her to regulate the spacing of a match. Still, her use of a weapon doesn’t make picking her up any easier, and there is actually quite a bit to break down.

With great range comes great responsibility, and as a Whip player you’re going to want to take precautions to not get snared yourself. Check out Ra3bone’s beginner breakdown below and see if it can help you whip your own Whip into shape.

Source: Ra3bones