Move beyond the Magic 4 with Mastermind’s Katarina Alves guide for Tekken 7

By on January 13, 2018 at 1:00 pm

Of all the new characters in Tekken 7, Katarina Alves is arguably the one you see the least of in a tournament setting. Her intentionally simplified move-set makes her easy to pick up, but also easy for opponents to dissect at intermediate play and beyond. Yes, I’m afraid to inform you: Magic 4 won’t carry you forever, particularly versus players that know how to neutralize it.

Still, that doesn’t mean we haven’t seen Katarina do well in tournaments, with great matches from players such as Weapon X and Yellowtail in tournament play. If you’re ready to learn what makes this character work, then class is in session: Mastermind breaks down Katarina’s range, pokes, and combos in the this installment of his character guide series.

Source: mastermind

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