Come kick it with Hwoarang in this Tekken 7 combo video

By on January 13, 2018 at 3:00 pm
hwoarang srk

YouTuber TheMystyGamer’s latest Tekken 7 combo video puts the spotlight on the FGC’s beloved Tae Kwon Do dude, Hwoarang. Though he has a history of being called a “cheap” character by some, the execution of some of Hwoarang’s high-damage combos can get pretty technical, especially if you haven’t learned to navigate all of his movelist-altering stances.

Technical or not, It’s definitely more entertaining to watch flashy, heavily kick-clad combos be executed on bots than to actually be on the receiving end of them in a match. Check out the combo video below to watch TheMystyGamer kick it with Hwoarang in Tekken 7.

Source: TheMystyGamer