Prepare for the Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta with these translated movelists

By on January 12, 2018 at 9:30 am
DBFZ Ultimate Gohan trailer

We’ve got less than 24 hours until the Dragon Ball FighterZ open beta begins, so naturally everyone is theorycrafting and planning the teams that they want to try out during this weekend’s test. While some characters in the beta have previously been playable, fighters like Adult Gohan, Beerus, and Nappa are going to be brand new to most people.

So you aren’t desperately button mashing to find out what each special move is, reliable Twitter translator Hicchan has translated the Japanese movelists into English for each character in the DBFZ beta. These lists include special moves, command normals and supers — so you should be well-equipped for when the beta kicks off tomorrow!

Keep in mind that the Shenron mechanic will be active during this beta, so players will be fighting to take control of the Dragon Balls and make a wish on the eternal dragon.

Who will you be trying out in the beta? Will you be giving new characters like Beerus, Kid Buu, and Nappa a try, or will you be perfecting strategies with familiar faces like Cell and Vegeta?

Sources: PlayStation Blog; hiago_XYZ

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