Gravity Breakers development team breaks down combat mechanics in their latest video

By on January 12, 2018 at 8:00 pm
gravity breakers

Gravity Breakers is an independent fighting game being developed with a unique premise — every character flies in midair throughout the fight, and you are able to fly freely across the stage. With that in mind, they had to break the mold of traditional fighters in order to design a combat system that would work within the style they’re going for.

Their lead developer Joseph recently released a video showcasing this. While maintaining differing types of normal attacks, their specials work in a similar vein to games of the Smash variety, due to the difficulty of keeping characters in free flight and performing special move motions. The game also looks to ditch health bars for HP totals, while also showing a combo lockout mechanic if a combo goes on too long.

Source: Gremlin_Ent

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