Big throw mechanic changes are coming to SoulCalibur VI: Impressions from CES

By on January 12, 2018 at 9:00 am

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2018) has been going on, and one surprising fighting game appearance at the techy show is SoulCalibur VI. A player from the 8WayRun forums had the opportunity to play a build, and compiled a list of some impressions.

Futabot reveals a change that is certainly going to be a shock to veteran players of the series: B+G throw is no more. Traditionally, the Soul warriors had two base throws, performed with A+G and B+G, with the A or B button to break out of them, respectively. Now, according to Futabot, we have “back” and “forward” throws performed with just A+G and a direction.

“Throws are now 5, 6 and 4 A+G. Breaks are 6A and 4A. 6A+G and A+G are both forward throw. Sorry for the confusion. Sophie also has 66A+G,” they write.

B+G has another use, however — it’s used for the new Reversal Edge. A+K is not used for now. Futabot also talks a little about movement, saying that Step Guard is gone. The startup of eight-way-run movement is really quick, so the character can actually get around quickly by pressing G intermittently.

When it comes to the Impact Counter mechanic, that occurs whenever a player tries to Guard Impact or Reversal Edge an unblockable strike or a Critical Edge attack. They don’t work against such attacks. And speaking of Guard Impacts, there’s only one type, the window on it is fairly large, and it counters low attacks as well. Missing five Guard Impacts makes the character’s guard bar flash red.

That’s the majority of their write up, but make sure to follow the thread on for more SoulCalibur VI discussion, and stay tuned to SRK for more news. Furthermore, for a video breakdown, check out Hayate’s SoulCalibur VI mechanics guide.

Source: 8WayRun

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