Dora Bang plays a heated FT10 with a Hibiki player in BlazBlue: Central Fiction

By on January 11, 2018 at 6:00 pm
dorabangft10 hibiki

The world’s most famous Bang player in BlazBlue: Central Fiction is back with new content in his channel. As usual, Dora invited a very strong player onto his stream to showcase some high-level Japanese gameplay.

This time, Dora faces Tamai and their Hibiki in a first-to-ten set. While both are sort of “ninja” archetypes, their toolkits are pretty different. Bang is a little more mix-up-oriented with some nail specials to back him up, while Hibiki has strong reset pressure with a Drive that helps him approach. Both players show off really strong pressure; it often takes almost the whole life bar before the other player takes advantage, which is seen in the first matches. After that, though, Dora goes on a dominating streak, warming up to the Hibiki neutral and shutting him down a lot.

It’s a great warm-up to this weekend’s Arc System Works Fighting Game Awards 2017, where Dora is one of the competitors.

Source: Dora Bang

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