NuckleDu’s contract with Team Liquid has expired, renewal still up in the air

By on January 10, 2018 at 10:00 am
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At last year’s Capcom Cup, one player who was conspicuous by his absence was 2016 champion Du “NuckleDu” Dang. While he had earned an automatic qualification spot thanks to winning the previous Capcom Cup, he confirmed that he would not be attending a few weeks before the event, due to personal reasons.

Now, it seems that NuckleDu is going through yet another major change. This time, the 21-year-old player confirmed that his contract with Team Liquid has expired. While he’s still looking into renewing his contract, he also states that he’s open to new opportunities.

NuckleDu has been part of Team Liquid since 2015. The relationship paid off at Capcom Cup 2016 when Du won the championship, becoming the first American to do so in the process.

With how well he’s performed in recent years, it’s hard to see any downsides to their relationship. At this same time, this opens the door for other teams to try to pick up one of the fastest rising stars of the fighting game community.

Source: NuckleDu (Twitter)

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