Here are 39 while-standing launchers in Tekken 7, ranked from fastest to slowest

By on January 10, 2018 at 8:00 pm
tekken 7 launcher

If you are an experienced Tekken 7 player who strives to keep a competitive edge, one need not express to you the importance of of landing a while standing/rising launcher. When reacting to an opponent’s botched sweep, it is especially important to realize that blocking is only the first step, and that a well-executed while-standing launcher can turn the tides immensely in a player’s favor.

YouTuber Scallywag 93 has created a useful visual guide that ranks 39 while-standing launchers by their execution speed. Spanning a majority of the Tekken 7 roster, this handy video can help most players determine when — or if — they should use a rising attack as a punishment option. This is also useful in helping a player determine what to expect as punishment, should they find themselves on the business end of a botched sweep situation.

Check out Scallywag 93’s while-standing launchers rankings below, and swing by their channel for more Tekken 7 tech of this nature.

Source: Scallywag 93