Wondering what it takes to get good at Tekken 7? TheMainManSWE has a few important tips for you

By on January 9, 2018 at 1:00 pm
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After many years of streaming and creating educational Tekken content, TheMainManSWE has become something of a pillar in the online Tekken community. Since Tekken 7‘s launch he’s created many popular combo videos, character tutorials, and gameplay guides — some of which can be found here on Shoryuken.

In response to several requests from followers and fans of his content, TheMainManSWE uses one of his latest videos to put into his own words what it takes to “git gud” at Tekken  7. In a manner that is both conversational and concise, he manages to hammer down a solid set of Tekken tips and philosophies in just under 10 minutes.

While he is of the opinion that a lot of what people say it takes to master Tekken is hyperbolic, he does agree that it takes a lot of “passion and motivation” to become a top player.

Check out TheMainManSWE’s tips for getting good at Tekken 7 below, and if you enjoy it, be sure to check out more of his content.

Source: TheMainManSWE