Microsoft are holding a second Killer Classic event this weekend

By on January 9, 2018 at 10:00 am
Killer Classic 2

After the success of the first Killer Classic, Microsoft have decided to hold another two-day Killer Instinct tournament this weekend at their flagship store in New York City. With a bolstered prize pool, expect some intense KI action as players from New York and beyond battle it out.

Rather than just offering a prize for the winner, the second Killer Classic offers some rewards for the second and third place players. First place gets an Xbox One X and $200, second place gets a custom Killer Instinct arcade stick and $200, while third place gets $100 and several Ultimate Source KI figurines.

With only 16 slots, the bracket is now full — containing players like ELV|Rico Suave, UA|Bass, Circa|Aphex, Circa|Shatter and many more. If the Killer Classic is set to become a regular event, I would like to see Microsoft expand to a 32-person bracket, so more KI players can compete.

For those wanting to tune into the Killer Classic, all the action will be streamed live via the official Microsoft Store Mixer channel.


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