KYSG explores the flashy juggle options of Tekken 7’s Yoshimitsu

By on January 8, 2018 at 7:00 pm
yoshimitsu tekken 7

Japanese Tekken 7 player KYSG is back with another hard-hitting combo video. Last time we visited him he showed off the high damage of Lucky Chole; today, he’s pushing the toolset of Yoshmitsu.

Yoshimitsu is known for defying a lot of the standard rules in Tekken’s universe, so it makes sense that KYSG’s latest combo video is full of bizarre links and unusual juggles. For example, it’s largely trivia that you get a Rage Drive for free off of NSS FC DF+(1)2. Much of what’s here is flash over function, but there’s a good chance that’s what drew you to Tekken’s swordsman in the first place.

Source: @realKYSG

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